Operate Goldshell Box Miner with ATX power supply

We strongly recommend to operate the Box miner from Goldshell with a special power supply. If this is not available, a PC-ATX power supply can also be used at your own risk.

The ATX power supply should have a total capacity of at least 500-600 watts or more. You have to be sure that the 12 V PCIe rail can deliver at least 24 A to the Box miner.

The Box miner is powered by a 6-pin connector. Accordingly the 6-pin PCIe plug of the ATX power supply fits perfectly into the Box miner.
After connecting the Miner to the power supply, there is one more step you need to do to start the power supply.
An ATX power supply usually gets a signal from the PC which tells it to start. This signal is missing when used together with the Box miner. To achieve this behavior your have to connect 2 pins of the 24 pin connector on the Power supply.

If the marked pins in the picture above are interconnected, the power supply starts working (be sure that the power switch is set to on, too). To check if it's working correctly you can see the fan of the power supply spinning up. The Box miner begins to start.

You do this at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage during the operation by using a third party power supply!